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​Spinners, Dyers, Designers, Tech Editors, Weavers and more are all welcome.

Yarn Academy gives you tools to showcase your amazing skills for your clients. Allowing you to focus on the content while WE take care of the boring techie stuff. Just imagine being free to get on with the fun of sharing your creative skills and, more importantly, epically growing your business.

Find Your Own Path to Grow Your Yarn Business

Yarn Academy has been created to inspire Yarn Businesses, like you, to grow to their full potential.

Taking Yarn Entrepreneurs from "Whaaaaaaat" to "Heck, YEAH! I did this!!"

The whole yarn loving community will be all the better for it AND we all get to grow as an industry. This has to be a good thing right?

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I'm doing a happy dance this morning--I won a 12 mo membership to the new yarn_academy, to be launched on Black Friday! If you've got any sort of yarn based business, I wholeheartedly recommend you join us. And if you join at the launch, you'll get a big discount!

Karen Moffett - Knit Designer

Looking forward to Yarn Academy!

Stephanie Karpe - Knit Designer

2018 Goals: Launch my yarn brand Pippa Yarns internationally

Petra Kourilova - Yarn Dyer at Pippa Yarns

WAHOO! I'm in 🙂

Linda Brown - Technical Editor

Considering that I am a new designer, who mostly looks for things that are gratis (free or close to it), I can't really put a price on this valuable service since I am still learning what things cost, but I would budget my pennies to be able to afford occasional help from Babs.

No suggestions, just lots of praise! Babs, you were a lifesaver. I'll never be able to thank you enough!

Paula King

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Share, learn and interact with others on the same journey as you.

Networking Activities & Business Opportunities

Not only do you get the ​fabulous Mini Courses there will be awesome opportunities to be involved in epic ​audience growth activities across multiple platforms.  

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Book Keeper

Sarah Devantier

Knit Designer: Knit a Bit of Whimsy

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