​Babs will show you how simple it is to get to your own "I Did This!" moment for your business.

​Babs has had a convoluted path to this point in her career.  Starting out in a help desk on an oil refinery, working through every job in IT from Systems Analyst, Programmer to IT Consultant.  Before leaving the corporate world to have children Babs was working as aBusiness Development Manager, reviewing and improving the processes throughout a multinational company, both saving and making millions each month.

​ Having been ​playong with yarn for almost her entire life Babs began formally designing for knitting and crochet two years ago, thanks to the Initiate Knit Design course run by the amazing Frenchie Danoy.  ​

Babs has had her designs featured in multiple publications both in the UK and the US.

​Yarn Academy has been created out of the powerful combination of Babs' business skills and her love for yarn, helping others to find their own way through the sometimes confusing world of ​fiber arts.