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Joint Ventures in Yarn

There are several ways we can collaborate with other designers, dyers, LYS’s and magazines. From kit production, to regular pattern submissions to independent custom work. Each will have some of their own implications and all should include a level of traded value (whether in skills, produced items or training). Its much easier to keep track […]

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The Importance of Mentorship

A while ago I was invited to take part in an Expert Q&A session by Jess, the founder of The Yarnpreneur Society.  I was very honoured to receive the request and then blown away excited when I realised the topic would be Mentorship. Here’s the recently shared video of the Q&A Session. If you have […]

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What Are Off Diary Stories For PR?

When planning your media interactions its really easy to find and use regularly scheduled events, TV movie releases etc.  However there is a lot of competition for the Press’ attention around these topics, as everyone else can plan around them too.  Keep an eye on our Media Diary for suitable dates/events that would work for […]

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On Diary Events for Your Media Diary

When you want to work with journalists to raise awareness for you, your brand or a new product or service you need to make yourself the journalist’s best buddy. These guys have to find content, meaningful and relevant content on a regular basis. One of the more powerful ways you can help out your friendly […]

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Gaining Press Attention

When starting out, or indeed once you are well established, getting your name into the papers is a great way to boost your credibility and public profile. It’s much simpler, and cheaper, when you do your utmost to make life easier for the journalists by presenting a timely pitch with a great hook. Someone who […]

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GDPR Confirmation Email Example Titles and Content

Having been sent a LOT of these emails in the past week I have collected a selection to give inspiration for you. If you need an Overview of the GDPR you can read this article. I share the 6 Steps I Followed to prepare for GDPR which may be helpful for you. I’ve also got […]

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