​​Are you sick of feeling ​you are the ​ONLY ​Yarnpreneur that can't get your products out into the world?

​You're spending all your time and cash investing in yarn to dye, or design with only to find you're STILL ​not getting those  ​SALES?

You have no one to turn to when you need some support, discuss a new opportunity to collaborate or desperately need some help to deal with yet another new social media algorithm.

​You see all these beautiful images and boasts from others in the yarn
industry and it's destroying your confidence!

Sound Familiar?

You're filled with indecision, you second guess most of your business decisions.

  • You find it almost impossible to set deadlines and stick to them
  • ​You're confused by all the different ways to present your products
  • Your social media activity is totally random
  • ​You try something new its because you've seen it in a freebie somewhere and don't really understand if its working for you
  • You are lonely and feel isolated with no one to talk to about you business.

​You know deep down that you have a gift to share. Your designs can inspire others to create beauty in their world and your colour choices are stunning.

Why can no one else see this?

You know that you can ​build a successful yarn business and yet keep finding yourself going round in circles.

You are tired of doubting yourself and fretting about the bottom line.

Loneliness almost ​killed my ​​​Business

I could only work when the kids were at school, I didn't go out with the other school Mums as I was building my business.  I didn't have time to go networking in the evenings as I was spending quality time with my kids.

My family are wonderful... yet they are utterly sick of hearing about my business ideas, the possibilities and the misses that I just need a quick solution to resolve.

​I started to go in circles, the anxiety became crippling and I was contending with ​desturctive self doubt on a daily basis.  

Why was I doing this to myself?

Was I being the most selfish person on the planet?

I was becoming depressed, despondent and so close to giving it all up and hiding in bed, ​pulling the covers over my head.

I needed to find people who ​Get It!

​Then I found my ​Community

The yarn community is amazing, so supportive and willing to listen and help.

​It is too much to do everything by yourself.  Everyone needs a supportive community around them.  Once I found a group to bounce ideas off my world changed.  ​

I found myself ​hitting monthly ​publishing deadlines for multiple magazines.

​ I tripled my earnings from pattern publishing in less than a year.

10 months in the last year were 4 figure months!


How would it feel to:

  • ​have someone to guide you to get clarity around your business?
  • finally speak with people who ​get how hard it is to grow a business?
  • have access to a group of​ yarn loving entrepreneurs to ​​support an motivate you?
  • ​get answers to your questions when you need them - right there and then?
  • be part of a squad of cheerleaders to celebrate your every win, no matter how small
  • ​​share your knowledge and experience to support your fellow yarn lovers

​Introducing ​​Embark Mastermind

​Accountability for your progress

​​Discuss what you need to do, your plans and then share your real progress.

If you are struggling the group will help you out of the mental fog back to a path to progress.

​Your time in the Spotlight

​Every member of the group gets their own time to shine with an in depth review and business growth ​focus.

​A Private Support Group

​A secure group within Facebook for day to day support and celebrations of successes.  Its like having a board of directors to give your business directions and supercharge your income.

Earn more CASH!

​Discuss new opportunities, develop joint ventures, keep a healthy mindset and see the increase to your bottom line flow naturally.

​Turn up, ​be accountable and you too can see a massive change in your bottom line, productivity and mental approach to earning cash.”

​Clarity of what you want for your business

​How will it feel to know exactly how you define success for your business and your home life?

​You now that once you have a ​defined goal you can map out your path to arrive at your dream destination. So Why aren't you doing it yet?

​Be in control of your choices and make them with confidence, knowing you will get a gentle, or not so gentle, kick at the right time to keep your momentum up.

​Understand what you're doing and why

​Watch those feelings of indecision and confusion disappear.  

​No more judging yourself, your designs, your photos, your yarn choices against others.  

​No more trying everything, throwing it all at the wall and hoping something works, in an effort to generate some quick cash.

How wonderful will it feel to know why something succeeds and to be able to replicate it for even more ​cash flow for your yarn business?

What Others Say


​Thank you so much Babs for your words of wisdom earlier.  Everything you said an suggested made perfect sense!

​Linda Brown

​Technical Editor


​I'm scheduling deadlines and hitting them!  So much more productive as part of the Embark Group with Babs. I'm feeling supported all the way.

​Karen Moffett
​Knit Designer


​I can't really put a price on this valuable service.  Lots of praise!  Babs you were a life saver.  I'll never be able to thank you enough!

​Paula King
​Knit Designer

​Babs Rudlin

​​Embark Mastermind has been created out of the powerful combination of ​my business skills and ​my love of helping others to find their own way through the sometimes confusing world of fiber arts.

​I will show you how simple it is to get to your own “I Did This!” moment for your business.

​Yes I'm Ready to Embark!

​Join me for a 6 week mastermind group beginning September 11th.

Pay in Full £90 or two payments of £50

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