Gaining Press Attention

When starting out, or indeed once you are well established, getting your name into the papers is a great way to boost your credibility and public profile. It’s much simpler, and cheaper, when you do your utmost to make life easier for the journalists by presenting a timely pitch with a great hook.

Someone who has done this to great effect is Kristen McDonnell of Studio Knits.  Her Brain Hat went viral over halloween, then again for Science week when relaunched and promoted to journalists.

How many times have you realised too late that its shark week, pie day or some other random event for which you had a great pattern tie in?

OR that you could have created the perfect pattern to meet the special day’s demands?

How much easier would it be to get into the local/national press with a pattern tie in to a special date?

Here I’ll be giving you my take on how to do this as gaining PR is one of the 5 Must Do Actions to Grow Your Business which I advocate we all complete on a regular basis.

When you first pitch story to a journalist (stay with me… no need to be scared) the first question they want answered is “Why do people need to hear about this now?” (or next, week/month etc depending upon how organised you are and how far ahead you are pitching).

We all know that when you are running a business it’s hard to think beyond next week. By now, you should also realise that I believe planning is absolutely key to growing your business without killing yourself.

Working smarter – not harder!

The thing is that PR is all about timing. The way we combat this is by creating a media planner. Not just your social media posts, videos, newsletters, etc. but a general all encompassing dairy of those ‘Special Dates’ which you can hook into to create a perfectly timed promotional story for your brand.

What is a Story Hook?

You’ll often hear journalists talking about the ‘hook’ or ‘peg’ of a story. This simply means the reason for covering the story. i.e. why folk need to hear about it now.

An example being:
You have a prefect Crochet pattern for a cactus, it’s an older design which could certainly do with fresh eyes and some love. This could easily be tied into Houseplant Appreciation Day, a January ‘special date’. A collection of plant themed designs in an article would be a wonderful hook for a crafty journo.

I’ll have a selection of future articles around planning your PR and for our Members we will be providing a Media Diary of upcoming Special Dates which you can use to prep your themed promo opportunities.

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