GDPR: Simple 6 Step Checklist

I have received lots of questions, and some panicky folk who need reassurance, about how to implement the GDPR changes.  In this post I will share with you my checklist for compliance, I work with Mailchimp so I used their GDPR services.  Your chosen mail or CRM provider will have their own updated forms and functionality.

Note: I’m not a lawyer and this is not intended as legal advice.

If you need an Overview of the GDPR you can read this article.

I’ve also got some suggestions on how to Embrace your more powerfully connected community after the 28th May 2018.

Onto the Checklist

These are the steps I went through to comply with the new GDPR legislation.

  1. Update all lists with the new GDPR Fields in Mailchimp
  2. Update the Privacy Policy to include:
    • the use of data to process any orders placed through my website.
    • the use of data to provide my “Newsletter service”, providing updates of new content from the website, resources to grow your business, new pattern information and exclusive discounts.
    • the use of your data to provide information regarding new business opportunities, membership offers, training courses and opportunities as they arise.
    • data is passed to third parties as necessary to provide these services, using Mailchimp and PayPal.  We do not hold any financial data.
    • you have the ability to amend your contact preferences from any email received, with links in the email  footer.
    • you have the ability to remove yourself from any mailing list at any time by using the link in the email footer.
  3. Create a Confirmation of Consent email series (at least two emails) one sent ASAP the second to be sent to those who haven’t opened or clicked on the first by noon on 24th May 2018 at the very latest.
  4. Send the first email to everyone on all your email lists, schedule the second email for the 24th May.
  5. Update your newsletter signup pages within your website.  Every opt in offer should now offer the download via a simple button with an optional signup form for the mailing list.
  6. Ensure that your signup is a double opt in setting, so all new members are sending a confirmation email to accept membership of your mailing list.

If you need some inspiration for email copy you can check out this selection of email suggestions. (Link to follow)

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