How to Create Pinterest Pincodes

How to use Pinterest Pincodes for your yarn business.

First off you do have an Pinterest account right? If not you so need to get one.

Pinterest is a seriously underestimated search engine. Its beautiful and people are constantly searching for things to make, so for those of us in a craft based industry we really should be a part of this site!

So when you have an account come on back to this article for the low down on a little known addition to the Pinterest world the Pincode.

These were introduced late last year and they are basically beautiful Q codes, see the sample below.  No more need to use third party sites/apps and generate an ugly black and white square to link to your products.

No Sir!

Now you can create a full colour image with your beautiful work taking centre stage!

So what is a Pincode?

To start with here’s one I created earlier 😉

This links directly to the Yarn Academy Students are Awesome board full of pins linking to the students work with pins linking to a product for sale.

I also have a pincode for my patterns board, which is filled with links to either ravelry or my web sites own store where I can sell patterns.

Can you see the potential of these babies yet?

Its perfectly reasonable to expect sales from your pinterest account, once its up and running correctly, with ridiculously high hit counts for a Pinterest account being obtainable for anyone who sets their account up correctly, more on that another time. We’ve even had sales direct from Pinterest (Ravelry tells you the source of your sales) for a Yarn Academy member, the week following my launch of Instagram initiatives.

The most basic examples for boards are below:

  • Create a Board for all your patterns including testers images and any discount packages/offers, which link back to the purchase page for the relevant pattern. Include the rav discount codes automatically in the link where relevant.
  • Create a board for all your yarns. Beautiful themed colourways, collections, include links direct to your sales pages.
  • Create a Board for customer quotes about your amazing Tech Editing Service, pins relating to standars, US vs UK translations, setting up a stylesheet etc Again all should link back to your website and the services you offer.

So lets create one!

Open up Pinterest and select your account, then pick a board for which to create a pincode.  I’ll show you how I created the pincode above.


Click on the ellipsis in the circle (three dots net to the pencil icon at the top of the page.


This gives you a drop down menu.  Click on the Create Pincode option.


Now you could go with the image that Pinterest suggests, or you have the choice to select a different image.  Click the Change Image button.


Scroll through until you find the image which appeals, or matches your marketing message the best.  Simply click on the relevant image.


Your new pincode is generated and ready to download.  Click the big red Download Pincode button and the png file will be saved to your download folder ready to use.


Check out this article for my Top 7 Ways to use a Pincode for your Yarn Business and how easy it is to read them!

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