​Find Your Focus The Business Planner Created for
Yarn Lovers

​For anyone who struggles to decide what to work on next
 Or forgets why this task was supposed to be important
 Or even wants the answer to picking which of the 17 things on your to do list to tackle next....
Then this is the ​Planner for you!

You want to conquer the world?  That's great but it will take a few steps along the way...

It's so easy to become distracted by all the lovely, shiny, yarny goodness in the world that a conscious refocusing goes a long long way to keeping you on target.

Using the Find Your Focus Planner you will be energised, know exactly what you are doing and most importantly why you are doing it. There will also be the option to get some built in accountability to keep you to your individual path.

This is not a one size fits all cookie cutter approach.  Everyone who uses the Find Your Focus Planner will create their own unique map for the coming year.

​Planner ​Sections

​The different sections of the Planner have been designed specifically to aid you mapping out your path for your unique Destination

​Weekly Workouts

​Your day to day focus for regular business ​activities, including the terrible tasks you need to tackle and constantly put off, your Phoenix Tasks.  Plus of course the exciting new actions to drive your business to its next success!

​Your Biggest Hopes Defined

​Dream Big and set your sights high.  Keep Track of both your business and personal goals.  Inspirational ​images and words will help find your muse if you get lost along the way.

​Plans for the Coming Quarter

​Planning for more than 90 days at once is a waste of energy.  Life changes fast and you need to be prepared for this.  The Find Your Focus Planner will help keep you on track and focus your intent for the most effective results.

​Review and Redirect

​Actively review what has worked well and not so well to keep facing the best direction for your business.  Be brave and honest about facing your misses and you can achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!

​Everything  we do for our business is a test; which we can only pass if we are bold enough to look at the results of our ​actions. We achieve more working together and supporting each other when we score a miss.

​Regular Find Your Focus Challenges

​Life changes and you will get the support with Yarn Academy to help you pivot when needed and also to review how you achieved your successes and misses so they can be turned to your advantage.

​To help keep you on target there are regular Challenges and review session held within Yarn Academy groups to keep you on track throughout the year.  

​Yarn Specific information

​Extra information to keep at your fingertips when working with your passion.  Yarn weights, needle sizes (both UK and US), crochet and knitting terms translated for both US and UK patterns, grid paper to help you design, fibre descriptions for yarn bases and much more...

​​Take Along Anywhere ​Planner

​I have ​created a hard working Spiral Bound ​planner ​you can tuck into your work bag.  ​Full colour with all the important sections to generate your personal map for your yarn business.

​Babs Rudlin

​Yarn Academy has been created out of the powerful combination of ​my business skills and ​love for yarn, helping others to find their own way through the sometimes confusing world of yarn. I love bringing Order from Chaos and can show how simple steps will do the same for your Yarn Business.

​I will show you how simple it is to get to your own “I Did This!” moment for your business.

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