Open Submission Calls : 26/01/18

​Wow!  Did you see Member Paula King's design hitting the hot right now list this week?  This was a submission to the Knotions Magazine.  You too could get this level of interaction by submitting some designs.  

Paula has shown this process works so make sure you send in some submissions too.

Getting your design into a magazine is not Impossible - so GO FOR IT and make a submission this month.

​Lets see whats out there this week.....  

​Submission Calls: 26th January 2018

​Click on the Publication titles to open up a summary of the submission call, the buttons link through to the Ravelry posts for full details.

​​Sweet Georgia Yarns FW 18 Crochet Collection

​I Like Knitting

​I Like Crochet

​​Sweet Georgia Yarns FW 18 ​Knit Collection

Twist Collective

​Knit Now

​​Tour-de-Sock (Ravelry Group/Challenge)

​Lets get your inspiration flowing and raise your visibility.  

I challenge you to submit to one publication a month!

Remember: Rejections don't kill you, they certainly haven't killed me and you will have a new design ready to self publish

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