Photography Surgery

We all need to use photos for our business promotion.  From head shots for magazine articles, to finished sample photos for your patterns.  Yarn photos for dyers are so important, not to forget the blog posts, facebook updates and Instagram shots we all need to perfect to promote our businesses.

Trouble is we’re designers/dyers/spinners not photographers. I can snap, I can use a backdrop to improve flat lays but… I’m still not a photographer

I’m guessing most of you are like me… you’ve got questions about your photos.

Not sure how to best frame your sample photos for patterns?

Lighting, underexposure/overexposure what does it all mean?

How to pose your models… where do you get models?

So many questions, which picture is best etc etc etc…

Well I have just the person to help you (and me) out!

Introducing Mihaela Edreva-Valkareva a yarn loving photographer who will be holding a photography surgery for Yarn Academy.

I am Mihaela, a photographer and knitter/crocheter from Bulgaria. My adventures in fibre started as a photographer for my roommate. Looking ate her marvellous creations, I caught the knitting bug too.

I have been shooting for almost 9 years, having experience in a lot of genres, lighting situations and with a lot of gear.

I believe that beautiful pictures can be achieved with the camera you have in hand.

So who has questions?

You can leave any and all photo related questions in the comments below this post and I’ll schedule the surgery soon.


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