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​Yarn Academy

A creative community for yarn lovers looking to connect, organise and generate cash.

The yarn community is amazing, so supportive and willing to listen and help.

It is too much to do everything by yourself.  Everyone needs a supportive community around them.  Once I found a group to bounce ideas off my world changed.  

I found myself hitting monthly publishing deadlines for multiple magazines.

10x my earnings from pattern publishing in less than a year.

Yarn Academy community members receive the support and community they need to grow their own yarn based businesses and earn cash.

Community + Tutors = always here for you.


​Share, learn and interact with others on the same journey as you.

​Access through our FREE Facebook Group relevant to your chosen options.

​Opportunities for Guest Blog posts and Member Interviews.

Unique approach

​Opportunities to be involved with:

  • FREE Account with Yarnpond to streamline your testing
  • Accountability Partners
  • ​Planning Tools and Techniques


  • Stitch Pattern Database for both Knitting and Crochet
  • Sock Size Calculators
  • Sock Heel generators
Stunning results

​Helping you develop and grow You Tube, Pinterest and Instagram opportunities for your business, even if you don't have a channel of your own. ​

  • ​Channel Review
  • Channel Configuration
  • Collaborations with other members
  • Product Reviews between members
  • ​Hashtag Database

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t​hese are my ingredients for Your success

  • Attention to detail, always!
  • High quality, ​instantly useful ​content. Perfect for every pattern launch or store update.
  • We strive for excellence and we want to reveal the real ​essence of each ​student's business.

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​Paula King


Considering that I am a new designer, who mostly looks for things that are gratis (free or close to it), I can't really put a price on this valuable service.

​Just lots of praise! Babs, you were a lifesaver. I'll never be able to thank you enough!

​Linda Brown

​Technical Editor

​WAHOO! I'm in ?

​Petra Kourilova

​Yarn Dyer

2018 Goals: Launch my yarn brand Pippa Yarns internationally.


the benefits of “​yarn academy membership”

Improves ​focus and structure

Reduces ​stress by
up to 50%

Offers increased cashflow

Heals ​personal insecurities

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Babs will show you how simple it is to get to your own

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