Blogging for Profit ~ 03 Defining your Content Structure

Welcome back to lesson 3 – Defining Content Structure.  Hopefully you have had a chance to run through the work book and have begun to think about the amazing content you will be creating for your readers/viewers.


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Having introduced the concept of preparing patterns, blog posts, tutorials or colour ways to tie in with different ‘special dates’ in the calendar.  We have collated a selection of over 130 Special Days for you to work with for the month of June.

While June itself is identified as the special month for…

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I need to get boring for a moment here and stop you before running off to create your content…  If there is no plan you may as well be writing your posts and simply throwing them into the air.


Unless your audience has a way of finding what they are looking for it’s really not going to be serving you well to create your posts before the boring yet so critical organisation is underway.  As you know I’m all about efficiency and working smarter not harder.


There are many ways of presenting content; as you will see from this blog you can create text, info graphics, using slideshows, record and share video content and of course all of this can be edited and re-purposed in one form or another.

To get the best mileage from any content you create you should always be looking to re-purpose it in another format.  I’ll cover this is greater detail later in the Blogging for Profit course.

For now we will be focusing on how to organise your brilliant posts in a way that best suits your audience.

This is absolutely critical…

Organise to suit your audience


When you have around 5-20 posts it will be simple enough to scroll through; although most people won’t have the patience to scroll these days, it is still possible.


What you NEED to do is create a structure to organise your files and then to USE IT!  There is nothing worse than creating a structure and forgetting to file; everything lands in uncategorised by default.


Which means you may as well not have bothered planning any structure at all!


WordPress helps you out by using Categories and Tags to organise content.

Category Vs Tags

What’s the difference between these two things then?  If you think of your blog as a book the categories are the table of contents and tags are close to the individual listings in the index.  Any blog post can be in multiple categories and can also have many tags.  The tags are also great for SEO and helping search engines find your content..

Good SEO is always a BIG WIN.

Have a think about the type of content you will be creating…

  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Day to day blog posts in the life of a yarn alchemist
  • Pattern launches
  • Shop updates
  • Photo collages etc….

In this video I discuss how I organised the Yarn Academy Content; a real world example is much more useful than simple theoretical comments.


So by now you should have a much greater understanding of how content can be organised, and that it can also be broken down over several level.  Please take some time to create an outline of your content structure, or for an existing blog review the structure you have in place right now.

Please share your layouts, hand drawn trees or mind maps will work just fine in the Yarn Academy Group.


Remember you goal is to move from a single pile of information:

To beautifully organised and easy to find content:



Until next time, if this post has prompted any questions please either comment below or drop me a message in the Facebook group with the hastags #q4Babs  #BoggingForProfit



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