The Basics of Blogging for Profit ~ 01 What’s a Blog and How Does It Work?

I’m really excited about this series to create an income stream from your daily thoughts, or “Blogging for Profit”.

I know I’m always excited about my new course materials!

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This time I will be covering how to create your first blog, I’ll be using the industry standard WordPress, as it’s super easy to use for non coders and those technophobes among us.

The official definition of a blog is….

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This time I will be covering how to create your first blog, I’ll be using the industry standard WordPress, as it’s super easy to use for non coders and those technophobes among us.

The official definition of a blog is:

"Blog" is an abbreviated version of "weblog," which is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites, usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

While this is stuffy and boring sounding it is technically accurate.

But who cares about technically accurate eh?

As most of us understand the word a blog is a way to connect to your audience, find new community members, share your thoughts, promote your brand and so much more!  It is the hub of your online business world.

Romantically, if such a word can be used with technology, I get a feeling of tranquility, a peaceful home, with crisp white linens, no toys or children, absolutely no chaos and someone who has the ability to compose amazing information effortlessly whilst earning a fortune from sponsorships, advertising and all the while maintaining an impeccable relationship with her audience.  See it’s this photo right here!


My reality of writing a blog is prepping content around housework and the kids, shoving the mess into the corner so I can attempt to get a decent photo (I’ll give you my best tips for awesome images along the way I Promise) and trying desperately to finish a sentence while having my rear prodded by a child demanding something.  I’m not quite sure what they actually want as I’ve totally drowned their noise out ’til this next part is done.

Here’s a sanitised version of myself…

The more realistic version is below.  Jeans a jumper and multitasking.  I’m standing in my kitchen right now and frequently cook whilst writing my copy.

Now you get an insight into how I can be so productive!  I steal every moment possible 😉



Here’s where I want to be. I’m still super casual in comfy jeans and a cardi.  I’ve done my time in the corporate worls of suits and tight skirts.  Sipping on a drink with my feet up at a laptop in a space free of children and their insistent interruptions.  Talking of which I’d better go check if any limbs are missing.


Child dealt with, disaster averted, oozy mess mopped up….  Now where was I?


Ah yes….


A website/blog can also be used as:

  • a gallery
  • a shop
  • a centre for your FAQs
  • a customer support forum
  • a place to book calls
  • a place to book training courses


Oh there are so many ways to use your blog.  Can you see why I’m excited?

Why am I writing this series?

I used to work in IT, yaaaawn,

I was an IT Consultant and Customer Support Manager (or customer magician as my MD used to say), a Business Analyst and Business Development Expert.  Having run my own business as a web designer, before finding my merry way to the happy world of yarn, I know my onions.

I can assure you that wordpress in an affordable, reliable and easy to use way to get your message out to the entire globe!

There are a few steps you need to complete before even touching a keyboard, which may be a relief to the technophobe, and will probably be annoying to those who ‘just want it done’ so you can move on to the next shiny project.

You need to prep with purpose.

Those who have taken part in any of my challenges know I take at least the first two steps making sure everything is as we need before leaping off to make excellent progress.

That is what will be happening with this course too.

There will be some worksheets for you to download and brain dump into before you launch into setting up your site.

If you already have a site please take the time to use the worksheets to highlight any improvements you can make to your existing site.

I will be showing you how to use the standard and free options, whilst recommending a paid suite of tools. For those who have the budget they are both a life and time saver and to be transparent I’m not an afilliate and won’t get paid.  That’s how much I love these products!

Don’t fret only 1 session will be a review of this suite of tools, the rest of the training will be dedicated to the exceptionally high quality free options.  I’ll even include what to look for when selecting a plugin from the enormous library of options out there.

I’ll end here as this has been a very long discussion of what a blog actually is and what they have the potential to become.

The next update, including a downloadable worksheet will be along soon, on Thursday so only a couple of days to wait.

Until then if this post has prompted any questions please either comment below or drop me a message in the Facebook group with the hastags #q4Babs  #BoggingForProfit




Upcoming topics include:
  • What’s a Blog and How Does It Work?
  • Finding a Platform
  • Defining Your Content Structure
  • Legal Stuff and What You Need
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Write a Blog Post on WordPress
  • Themes and Why I Recommend Thrive
  • Magic of Media (for each post)
  • Planning Your Content (checklist)
  • How to Monetise
  • Adding an Ad Manager
  • What is an Affiliate?
  • Planning Your Posts for Profit
  • Promoting your Content
  • Downloads and Mailing Lists
  • Best Use of Content
  • How Often to Post
  • Review Your Stats and Income
 There will be a selection of video content, downloads to support the course and some free content so every one can benefit, although the juiciest info will be available exclusively to members of Yarn Academy.
There may even be some additional topics and bonus download content along the way  😉
Do you have a blogging topic you’d like to learn more about? Drop it in the comments below!

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