Yarn Academy
Business Membership Benefits

Exclusive content to take your business from blah to Bring it On!

​Exclusive Mini Courses

​Learn from experts ​in ​a wide range of skills to grow your business.  

No need to wait to sign up.

No time limited 'get it now or loose it' access.  

The mini courses are planned, the schedule is visible in the Yarn Academy Calendar and available when you ​need them for your business once launched.  


​Expert Tut​ors

You'll have direct access to industry experts to give real world feedback on your work.


Get ​Support​​​​

​Yarn Academy Community +Tutors = always here for you 

 Share, learn and interact with others on the same journey as you.


Advance Faster

The mini courses are designed to get you the most effective results in the quickest time frame possible.


Looking forward to Yarn Academy!

Stephanie Karpe Knit Designer


Considering that I am a new designer, who mostly looks for things that are gratis (free or close to it), I can't really put a price on this valuable service since I am still learning what things cost, but I would budget my pennies to be able to afford occasional help from Babs.

No suggestions, just lots of praise! Babs, you were a lifesaver. I'll never be able to thank you enough!

Paula King


I'm doing a happy dance this morning--I won a 12 mo membership to the new yarn_academy, to be launched on Black Friday! If you've got any sort of yarn based business, I wholeheartedly recommend you join us. And if you join at the launch, you'll get a big discount!

Karen Moffett Knit Designer

​Networking Activities & Business Opportunities

​​Not only do you get the ​fabulous Mini Courses there will be awesome opportunities to be involved in epic ​audience growth activities across multiple platforms.  

​Of course you also get exclusive discounts for all Masterclasses run through Yarn Academy.



​You will have the opportunity to join​ a range of Yarn Academy hosted growth activities:

  • ​Instagram Pods
  • Loop Giveaways
  • Themed Month of hashtag events
  • Hashtag growth lists

Get ​​Involved​​​​

​Helping you develop and grow You Tube Opportunities for your business, even if you don't have a channel of your own. ​

  • ​Channel Review
  • Channel Configuration
  • Collaborations with other members
  • Product Reviews between members

​Keep Your Focus

​Opportunities to be involved with:

  • ​Regular progress reviews
  • Accountability Partners
  • ​Planning Tools and Techniques
  • Newsletter Building challenges
  • Guest Blog posts
  • Member interviews

​No Lock in Guarantee for Monthly Membership

Here at Yarn Academy ​I believe ​membership will transform your ​business more than you ever thought possible. ​I'm so sure of this that ​I offer a ​No Lock In guarantee.

If you're not happy with ​our exclusive content, or you don't feel it's for you, it's simple to ​cancel your monthly membership.

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