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Editor Interviews: Frenchie Danoy of Aroha Knits

Francoise Danoy, or Frenchie as she is known by her beloved Fiber Muses is the talent behind the phenomenon of Aroha Knits.  With regular knitting challenges, the Popular Swatch Studio Course and the recent additions of Alchemy Kits (permanently sold out) and the Fabulous new digital magazine Fibre Muse Quarterly it feels as if Frenchie […]

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Yarn Careers: Jessica Hough – Tester at Happily Hooked

Hey there Jessica! You’re a tester for Happily Hooked aren’t you? I am I absolutely love it! When did you begin testing for Happily Hooked? I began this summer at Happily Hooked. Did they approach you or did you apply to a job offer?  How did you make that all important connection? I saw my […]

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Editor Interviews: Amy Caddick of Crochet Now

Amy is the new editor for the UK based Crochet Now magazine a highly popular crochet magazine in the UK.  Her first issue at the helm was the September mythically themed magazine, which by happy coincidence also featured my first UK magazine commission, the Phoenix Shawl. Tell us something unexpected about yourself…. In my spare […]

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Help Me! Why I use a Tech Editor

When I wrote out my first knitting pattern it was a really simple one. I had been writing and editing training courses and manuals for years (decades in fact) so I self edited. I hear a rush of air as you all take a huge breath in and step away in shock! I know everyone […]

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The Role of a Tech Editor

There are many indie knitting and crocheting Designers in our Yarny World these days, each with their own way of doing things. The job of a Tech Editor (TE) is to check their patterns to make them as concise and easy to use as possible. It doesn’t matter how many time a Designer checks over […]

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