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How Do I Increase Visibility On Facebook?

If you are not sure why its so important to be visible on the interweb check out my earlier article “Why Online Visibility is Imperative for Entrepreneurs”. Here are  my top 7 tips on ways to be seen. Be Polarizing This doesn’t necessarily mean be a jerk. Express opinions that are true to you that […]

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Why Online Visibility is Imperative for Entrepreneurs

Did you know that around 1.32 billion people are considered daily active users on Facebook?2 Or that 42% of marketers report Facebook as being critical or important to their business?3 Facebook is a HUGE player in the social media marketing realm, second only to Instagram…which they currently own. That means, if you’re a creative entrepreneur, […]

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My Top 6 Apps to Make your Instalife Easier

Here I’m sharing the apps I have found particularly useful in boosting engagement for my Instagram account.  It’s still a fairly new account and I’m feeling my way so if you have any favourite apps please share them in the comments below. I’m not a marketing genius and photography has never been my strong point, […]

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