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Lesson 3: What to Create?

The net biggest hurdle is deciding exactly what type of items you are going to design.  A baby blanket, a sweater and a pair of gloves are three very different projects which will require very different skills and approaches. I started out with my first self published pattern for a scarf.  I now can whip […]

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Lesson 2: Find Your Muse

My Business Architypes are Explorer, Muse and Advocate.  This means I love to learn and experiment with techniques and textures, I yearn to inspire others to artistic endeavours and I always look for the WIN WIN option in any scenario. So it may come as no surprise that I have ideas falling out of my […]

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Creating a Knitting or Crochet Pattern: A Mini Course

Are you a designer longing to create your own knitting or crochet patterns but don’t have a clue where to start? Have you beaten the fear of failure and your urge to create has become something you can no longer ignore, or push away? Grab yourself a cup of tea, or your favourite tipple, and lets begin […]

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