Creating a Knitting or Crochet Pattern: A Mini Course

Are you a designer longing to create your own knitting or crochet patterns but don’t have a clue where to start?

Have you beaten the fear of failure and your urge to create has become something you can no longer ignore, or push away?

Grab yourself a cup of tea, or your favourite tipple, and lets begin the Mini Course to walk you through the process of creating your own Knitting or Crochet Pattern.

This Mini Course covers all you need to create your own patterns, ready to sell/publish in 6 Steps: from inspiration via yarn and pattern category selection to formatting issues, usability, testing your pattern, taking good pictures, pattern templates through to how you publish your knitting pattern.  

​6 Steps to Profitable Patterns

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    ​Creating a Professional Pattern Mini Course

    This course is one of many included in the Business Level Membership of Yarn Academy.


    About the Author

    The Founder of Yarn Academy Babs is all about inspiring others to find their creative juices. Babs finds it exhilarating to learn as many new techniques and skills as humanly possible and explore the entire world of yarn. Babs is always looking for the win win solution to any situation so we can all grow together in the wonderful world of fibre and colour.

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