Crochet and Knitting Magazine Listings

This will be growing resource for online and hard copy knitting and crochet magazines, excellent for a browse when bored and a useful starting point to research a new submission.

The links provided are for the designers work with us pages where we have been able to locate them, or forms to sign up to be notified of new calls for submissions. Note that even though some magazines have “knit” in the name, they include crochet patterns as well.

Yarn Academy provides a listing of all current open calls for our paid members which is updated weekly to give you the BEST chance of success when submitting to magazines.

If you have any magazine suggestions for inclusion in this listing please let us know in the comments below. If you discover any broken/outdated links, please let us know ASAP so we can get them updated.

​Knitting Magazines.

​Biscotte Yarns

​Brooklyn Tweed

​Cast On Magazine (The Knitting Guild Association)

Creative Knitting

I Like Knitting

​Interweave Knits

Knit Now

Knit Simple (Vogue)

Knit.wear (Interweave)


Knitscene (Interweave)


​Love of Knitting (Interweave)

​Shokay Design Circle

​The Daily Knitter

​Vogue Knitting

​Knitting Fever Inc.

​Crochet Magazines.

​Crochet Now

​Crochet Today!

​Crochet World


​Happily Hooked!

​I Like Crochet

​Inside Crochet

​Interweave Crochet

​Love of Crochet (Interweave)

​Multi Art Magazines.


​Knit 'n Style

​Knit Today (The Yarn Loop)




​Lion Brand Yarn

​PomPom Quarterly

Simply Knitting (The Yarn Loop)

Sweet Paprika Designs

The Fibre Co

The Knitter

The Unique Sheep

Twist Collective

​Other Magazines

​Handwoven (Interweave)

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