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Whilst I am of course ridiculously excited to welcome new members when I fling open the doors to members on Black Friday, I am also inviting a wide range of folk to join in as tutors.

If you have a business skill or are a real world teacher in any form of yarn craft then please get in touch.  I amlooking to expand the skills of the yarn community as a whole and I alone cannot do this.  I’m looking for others with the skills to share.

I really want to learn how to spin, dye, write a compelling pattern romance and sadly I still think I suck at photography.

So you have an idea of what on offer here at Yarn Academy I have cobbled together an overview.  Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together for the that win win I love so much.

Babs x


Yarn Academy has been created to inspire Yarn Businesses, like you, to grow to their full potential.

Taking Yarn Entrepreneurs from “Whaaaaaaat” to “Heck, YEAH! I did this!!”

Yarn Academy gives you tools to showcase your amazing skills for your clients. Allowing you to focus on the content while WE take care of the boring techie stuff. Just imagine being free to get on with the fun of sharing your creative skills and, more importantly, epically growing your business.

The whole yarn loving community will be all the better for it AND we all get to grow as an industry. This has to be a good thing right?


We’ll work with you, hand-in-hand through 4 levels of delivering great, inspirational content to your tribe:

  • Blog Posts – available for all
  • Challenges – available to all to participate via signup to YA newsletter
  • Mini Courses – available to Members of YA, with previews for the public
  • Masterclasses – available to all. Members of YA receive discount

Blog Posts

As a thank you for every inspirational blog post you write for YA we will gift you these bonuses:

  • Author profile, with links to your website/blog/store
  • Link on homepage of YA for two weeks following your post
  • Blogger graphic for use on your own website, building your authority and linking to your article
  • Extended business listing on Fiery Phoenix Craft Directory for 6 months


For every creative challenge you run with YA we will showcase your skills with:

  • An epic challenge signup page
  • An active Facebook Group for support of the challenge
  • A series of Newsletters to rock the challenge to its fullest
  • Promotion in the amazing new YA calendar, via the YA newsletter and to the YA Facebook groups.

Mini Courses

For every mini course an author crafts with YA you’ll get even more benefits:

  • As for the bloggers plus
  • 6 months YA membership
  • course graphics for use on instagram, twitter and facebook
  • course promoted within Yarn Academy calendar and other media
  • Tutor graphic for use on your own website, building your authority and linking to your course
  • Your business events listed in the YA Events Calendar for the following 6 months


Not only do you get all the goodies listed above this is where you can earn as your students learn!


  • Tutors set their own student fees/rates
  • Private/secure lesson area of the YA website
  • Your branding can be applied for class headers
  • Advertise your other awesome mini courses and masterclasses
  • Copy of all student signup details via CSV with monthly fees
  • Confirmation emails for every student who enrolls in real time
  • Course content has a scheduled/staged release to students to avoid overload and inspire participation

I strongly suggest you use the full combination of posts, challenges and content to get the most bums on seats. After all we only make money when you make money.

  • Blog posts, to promote the awesome benefits of joining your challenge
  • Free 5 Day Challenge run through Yarn Academy, to build engagement with raving fans and grow a mailing list
    Mini Course (optional)
  • Upselling to the Masterclass at the end of the challenge/mini course to a warm audience who have seen the amazing benefits of your skills and have by now discovered the real, authentic YOU.

Tutors are advised to promote their Masterclasses/blog posts/challenges etc outside of YA for the best possible results.  YA will provide a selection of branded images to help you out.

All contributors receive support from YA to format and upload their course content, PDF’s and videos as required. You send us your copy and we get it into the interweb for you.

YA does not provide images/graphics nor are we a graphic design service.

Yarn Academy Fees/Payments

There are no fees for sharing Blog Posts or Mini Courses

  • Masterclasses are Fee Based for all students, with a discount for YA members as a requirement
  • YA charges tutors 5% of per student fee with a minimum charge of £5 per student
  • No monthly fees, tutors only pay when they are earning
  • Student fees are paid to Tutors, minus the YA charges, the first Monday of the month, 30 days after student sign up. i.e. student signs up on 5th May, payment is first Monday of July. Student signs up on 30th May, payment is the first Monday of July.

To discuss working with Yarn Academy please get in touch with Babs Rudlin

Tel: 07818 486027


You can view Yarn Academy at


About the Author

The Founder of Yarn Academy Babs is all about inspiring others to find their creative juices. Babs finds it exhilarating to learn as many new techniques and skills as humanly possible and explore the entire world of yarn. Babs is always looking for the win win solution to any situation so we can all grow together in the wonderful world of fibre and colour.

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