21 Ways to Create Heart Felt Content

21 Strategies to Share Heart Felt Content

Engaging and connecting with your tribe should not be just a series of rigid strategies. Allow your ideas to be as fluid and responsive as the community that is driving you. Always be on the look-out for “clues” to what they need next. Notice what they get excited about, what they complain about—and add what they need.

Here are 21 ideas for engaging and connecting with your tribe:

1. Mix and Match Your Content Presentation and Style

Liven up presentations by using different types of media—for example, provide slideshows, videos, podcasts, photographs or audio files. Add slides and photographs to live speeches or webinar presentations, post videos for your Facebook Group, create infographics to help your tribe remember key points.

2. Make Your Content As Interactive As Possible

Send out polls and short surveys. Add live stream content into your mix. Share reminders and posts when your live streams are about to start. Ask for photo submissions. Ask email questions. Use platforms with a raw immediacy factor, such as Periscope, Instagram and Twitter Vine.

3. Use Contests To Spice Up Your Community Life

Sometimes the contests people find the most fun are the simplest. Try mixing a few into your community platforms and presences. Hold affiliate contests, photo contests, “Best Title” contests and “Flash” contests (where people have to take photos on the spot and post them on your Facebook Page or in your Group).

4. Interact, Yourself!

Follow your most active followers. Engage daily and faithfully. Comment on their posts and feeds, ask them questions that make them look legitimately good, acknowledge and celebrate their successes—and let them know you are there for them.

5. Make Live Events and Workshops Interactive

Don’t let your audience members sit there like eggs in a carton, get them to “help” you with your presentation. Ask for volunteers to:

  • Hand out feedback sheets
  • Track the time
  • Pass out handouts
  • Write point-form notes on a white board or flip charts

Engage your audience as an interactive group, too. Give them fun exercises or ask them to fill out quizzes. Instruct them to perform actions (e.g. “raise your hand, all those who…”). Break them into work groups (appointing a leader for each group).

The more interactive you can make in-person “presentations”, the more fun they will have—and that’s what creates enthusiasm and repeat visitors.

6. Give Handouts To Help People Prepare For Your Webinar

Position these handouts as bonuses or helpful aids, so they will get the most out of your webinar. Use checklists, “fill-in-the-blank” questionnaires and simple instructions.Include fun exercises that instill your imminent audience member with confidence and inspire creative thought.

7. Help Actively Switch Them To Right-Brain, Left-Brain States

People in business often operate from the logical left side of the brain. When they regularly operate this way, they are more likely to skip webinars, lose interest or let their minds wander.

Surprise them with interactive activities or information to “switch” their habitual hard-wiring to the creative right side of the brain. (Anything that stops habitual actions and thoughts will do this, so be creative yourself!)

8. Get Them Out Of Their Comfort Zones

Do it to challenge your community—but also make sure that those who take the risks gain a real reward—both a small, immediate one and a long-term, bigger reward.Show them it is possible. Use stories and examples. Most importantly, get them to engage in exercises and mini-challenges to show them it is possible to achieve their bigger goals or dreams.

9. Galvanize Your Community With Extra-Lively Case Studies

Case studies don’t have to be boring, they can also be interactive. Make case studies dynamic, fast and exciting, hitting only the high spots—the ones that make your community members identify with the study subject and envision what they too can achieve by following principles and examples.

10. Promote Your Community Members

Whenever a member of one your connection platforms reports an achievement, celebrate and share it. Feature them on your blog (if they’re a client, it also makes a great success story for your coaching!)Don’t do this indiscriminately, however: A simple “Like” or “Congratulations” is acknowledgement enough for many people. Interview someone if there is a strong, fresh angle to present that will interest your community—or if it is a great demonstration of what they (with a little hard work and action-taking) can achieve too.

11. Spice Up Your Headlines And Subject Lines

Get into the habit of spending time on your Headlines and Subject Lines. Track which ones work. Identify what makes the successful ones work—is it the right keyword? Tapping into an emotional pain point or joy point? Giving a simple command on what to do next?Look for the principle behind successful Headlines and Subject Lines, rather than slavishly copying the actual words. What made these particular ones resonate with your tribe?

12. Embed Social Media “Share” Buttons On Your Website

You’d be amazed at how many pros routinely forget to actually do this! (And it does make a positive difference!)

13. Be Yourself; Be Authentic

Authenticity has a lot do with speaking from the heart and letting yourself be human. Let people know what you’re all about—and you’ll be amazed how many members of your tribe will qualify themselves as resonating with you!

14. Use Storyboards

When screenwriters pitch an idea, they often bring or create storyboards.A storyboard can be like a “How-to” instruction mini-manual—told in pictorial form.Number each step. Keep illustrations simple—but showing people rather than telling works for “how-to” engagement too.

15. Include A Feature They Can’t Resist

Do you put out a newsletter? Make sure your readers never miss an issue by including one really valuable item that is different but present every month.

Look to your tribe to find out what they value as priceless: Is it your weekly or monthly coupon? Your Ten-Minute Video? Your regular worksheet or template?Use your best guess combined with trial and error at first—but as soon as you include a particular content type or gift that everyone talks about and comments on—and especially thanks you for—that’s the type of item to turn into your regular newsletter “gift”.

16. Post Gorgeous Photos

This doesn’t mean every photo has to be “pretty”—but your photos should be professional quality, with strong composition.“Raw” photos—those shared on Instagram, for example—should stir emotions and tap into connection.Put as much thought and care into the photos you share as you do in crafting powerful headlines.

17. Create Facebook-Only Specials For Your Tribe

They will feel appreciated if you reward them for their Facebook involvement by offering them a discount code or special deal.

18. Use Comparison Charts

Posting reviews that compare two or more products is a great way to get members of your tribe to bookmark your posts. People often want to refer back to comparison charts—and they want to learn these differences instantly, without doing tons of research or wading through paragraphs of text.

19. Remember Seasonal Celebrations!

Holidays are a great time to get personal with your tribe. Share recipes or ask them to share “funniest memories” of that previous holiday. Post fun “how-to” tutorials (with visually eye-catching photos).

Have fun—get your people in the mood to celebrate. After all, partying together can be a very bonding thing!

20. Ask People To Share

It should be embarrassing to write this tip, but truth be told, even professionals still forget to take this simple action (or—worse—are sporadic about it!)

Take note of other people’s strategies for asking—and adopt the ones that feel the most natural to you. (Write half a dozen straightforward share messages on a card, and pin them up beside your computer. Get into the habit of referring to them, every time you write.)

21. Give “Behind The Scenes” Peeks

Are you going to an event your clients or group members would kill to attend? Be sure to spot-interview speakers or interesting attendees; show the venue being set up; show them your hotel room—anything you think might interest your tribe.

Don’t confine this to events, however: Give “Behind the Scenes” peeks at anything you think they’d find absorbing: Your graphic artist working on your book cover; how your pet “helps” you work; your system for filing in five minutes.

Be creative. Remember it’s all about sharing and especially caring.

Always focus on how you can help your tribe members, and you’ll automatically come up with better and more engaging content—and better and more engagement on a heart-felt level with your tribe.

 Bye for now,Babs

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