Help Me! Why I use a Tech Editor

When I wrote out my first knitting pattern it was a really simple one. I had been writing and editing training courses and manuals for years (decades in fact) so I self edited.

I hear a rush of air as you all take a huge breath in and step away in shock!

I know everyone should work with a Tech Editor… we hear it all the time but why?

Maybe its for designers who don’t have experience writing…

Its a simple pattern I don’t need anything overkill….

I know what I’m doing.. plus I have no money so I can’t use a Tech Editor right now….

These were all the excuses I gave myself, there were probably even more.  It’s a luxury for when I get more cash flow I promised myself.

My designs became more complex – but I still don’t have cash flow and the Stitchmastery is doing an excellent job of double checking my designs….

I had moved from an aspiring designer to a designer.  Not a world wide phenomenon, not the most cutting edge I’m a  jobbing designer who is getting paid for my work.  I created more designs, I networked, I marketed, I photographed and I’m still a mother to my two kids and juggling all that life throws a me.  I began to feel isolated but still determined to show up and serve my customers.

I have to say I have not, yet, received a single complaint about any of the patterns I have sold.  I worked very hard to edit and check/double check the content and I was feeling the pressure.

Then I submitted my first design to a magazine and actually worked with a Tech Editor.

Yup a real person, from the other side of the world.

Someone who was on my side!

Someone who wanted the best for my pattern and was happily helping me to achieve that best.

All the nagging doubts were suddenly shared.  Any guilt I felt about delivering a below par product disappeared.  Here was someone I could speak with and get helpful feedback from.

Not a potential customer I was hoping to impress with my stunning design, photography or layout.  This was a wonderful human being who was there just for me.

It felt so indulgent and something/a process I wanted to repeat again!

My mindset changed. This wasn’t a luxury for when I had a decent cash flow. Tech Editing was a service I needed to accept as a core cost of business as a designer.

Babs Rudlin

An allowable luxury as not only did I get as close to a perfect pattern as possible I also now had someone on ‘my side’ against all the drama and chaos that serving customers across the globe can bring.

It was such a relief, I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  You will need to find a Tech Editor who ‘gets you’ but some simple conversation should let you know when you achieve that connection.   Stalk a potential Tech Editor on Instagram, chat with them in groups on Facebook and get to know them a little before jumping in.

It’s such a worthwhile relationship when you find your matching Tech Editor I cannot begin to explain it to you.  If you want to know what a Tech Editor actual does check out this article by Linda Brown at Tabatha Thomas.

I will never publish without a Tech Editor Again!

If you are a Tech Editor and you are finding it hard to locate possible clients please drop me a line and I will share your details within the Yarn Academy.  Members of Yarn Academy receive a Free Boosted Listing in the Fiery Phoenix Craft Directory as part of their membership package, launching November 24th 2017.

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