How Can I Get the Best From a Craft Show? – Before the event.

Over the weekend I visited the Waltham Abbey Wool Show.  I had been asked to create some video marketing materials for the event organisers to use on their website.  However I’m not one to just turn up and to a single job.

I’m all about working smarter not harder!

So I decided that I would get the absolute most that I could out of the day.  It’s weekend time away from my home so I want it to be valuable time, spent well.  I wanted to ensure I didn’t simply wander about the event like a ghost and then come away with some editing to do as my only outcome.

Here’s my prep for the day, tomorrow I’ll share with your my activities on the day followed by what I’ll be doing as follow up actions over the next month.

1: Where is the event held?

This is crucial as I am terrible at directions, I have been known to miss the location arriving late, frustrated and with totally the wrong mindset.

Not the best start to a day I’m sure you will agree.

This can be avoided completely by a few moments spent double checking the address and setting up my map app the night before so I just get ready and go.

2: Who are the VIPS?

Nothing worse than arriving at an event and not recognising the ‘name’ that is the VIP.  It may be a designer who you adore but they are private folk who don’t splash their images all over the internet.  This is potentially embarrassing and definitely not a good first impression when networking.

Nathan Fillion

I double check the VIP, find their image and make a note of their actual name, not just their screen name.  This year I was surprised that I really struggled; as I know and have followed the VIP Nathan Talor AKA the Sockmatician for ages.

I know exactly who Nathan is, I could recognise him easily – however I got completely stuck with my brain refusing to move past Nathan Fillian!

Nathan Taylor The Sockmatician

In the car on the way to the event I kept repeating the correct name over and over so I wouldn’t make a terrible faux pas, I really hope that if you read this post you forgive me Nathan.

I managed to get the names correct on the day, but boy my brain tries its best to trip me up.  Nathan Taylor is a lovely man who did a fabulous job at judging the Sock Contest (I will be sharing a video shortly) who also was happy to chat with everyone on the day, along with opening the event and teaching a workshop.  A guy I can’t wait to speak with again soon.  You can find him over on Instagram as @sockmatician.

Go check him out its well worth your time and effort.

3: What are you expected to do by the client?

Make sure there is a plan to cover off everything you need to do for your client.  I was there to get interviews with visitors, exhibitors, shots of crowds and workshops.  I needed to spend the time making sure who was happy to be filmed and who wasn’t.  I needed to makes sure the public would give me the time of day and that I got enough shots of the important parts of the day, without getting sidetracked by the squishy loveliness and shiny distractions.

4: Who’s Exhibiting?

It’s always important when you don’t have a ton of spare time to see if there is anyone in particular you need to speak with or want to develop a conversation with.  Have a think about how that would go and may be if you are nervous or shy plan out some questions.  I often have difficulty starting out (I am actually really shy…  I know you won’t believe me…. right?)   but once the conversation has begun I can’t shut up!  So I need to plan ways to exit a conversation gracefully too 😉

5: What Do You Want From the Event?

For those who have been following the Review and Refocus  Challenge you will know that I have a goal to run a workshop or book a speaking job for this year.  So for me the opportunity to discuss the workshop option with the event organisers was high in the list.

6: Prep Your Kit

Ensure you have all the relevant kit in advance of the event.  Trying to rush round on the morning you are due to leave will not set up with the best head space for the event.  I always include the following on my list along with anything specific for the client.

  • charged phone/pad
  • power lead for phone/pad
  • business cards
  • notepad/pen
  • drink
  • snacks

Hopefully these will help you to get the most out of your next event, if you have any preparation suggestions drop them into the comments below.



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