How Do I Increase Visibility On Facebook?

If you are not sure why its so important to be visible on the interweb check out my earlier article “Why Online Visibility is Imperative for Entrepreneurs”.

Here are  my top 7 tips on ways to be seen.


Be Polarizing

This doesn’t necessarily mean be a jerk. Express opinions that are true to you that are NOT popular. That way you’ll draw your fans in closer and push away the haters.


Use Your Personal Profile

Though Facebook frowns upon people using their personal profiles for business reasons it isn’t ALL verboden. Use your personal profile to showcase your unique personality.

Post several times a day and remove posts from your timeline which get no love. (Less than 10 comments – unless it’s promotional).

When people come to your page they’ll see it’s poppin’ and want to join the party.


Create Awesome Graphics

Check out free apps like to create custom graphics that will blow people’s socks off. It’s great for quote graphics or making stock images your own, has cool fonts, templates, and is just an all-around great tool to get started with. Plus, did I mention that it’s free and WAAAAAY easier to learn than Photoshop?


Get More Friends

If you want more reactions, comments, and activity on your page or profile, you’ll need more friends! The Facebook algorithm is not as kind to someone with 100 friends as it is with someone who has 5000. But how do you get more friends, well…..


Ask Questions

Ask short, open-ended questions (the ones that require a longer answer than ‘yes’ or ‘no’).

And do it on a regular basis!

People will start looking for your questions.You can draw inspiration from ANYWHERE. Keep them consolidated in a spreadsheet or note app so that you can mark which ones you’ve already asked.

(Secret: No one’s going to remember what you asked in 6 months…so recycle those babies.)


Join Groups

Join groups where your ideal client would hang out, you have defined your ideal client right?

And once you’re there…don’t be a wallflower.

Comment on posts and friend the people who like and comment on your posts. Just think, these people are VOCAL. Once they see the amazing stuff you have on your personal page they’re going to be bursting at the seams to leave reactions and comments.


Be of Value

Always, always, always share what you know.

And don’t be afraid to give your best stuff away for free.

People are not going to be able to cobble together your paid course based on individual posts, quotes, observations or comments. Fear of giving away too much for free is based in a scarcity mentality.

All they’ll ACTUALLY think is “Wow, if THIS is what they’re giving away FOR FREE I can’t even IMAGINE what their paid products are worth.


So get out there and start making waves in Facebook!

About the Author

Stephanie Berchiolly, owner of Career Makeover Academy (CMA), educates exasperated, unfulfilled, and struggling employees, as well as business owners, on ways to create actionable plans to create professional AND personal success. Her education in Management Information Systems (MIS) - studying the intricate interactions of people, technology, and organizations - allows her to take complex concepts and distill them into bite-sized, understandable chunks. She’s worked at companies such as: AT&T, Motorola, United Airlines, Kraft Foods, Sears, and ADP. Let Stephanie show YOU the first step in how to escape your soul-sucking job & find - or create - the career of your dreams with The Passion Project. A free worksheet that helps you re-discover the things you’re most passionate about so you can include more of it in your life!

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