Illustrious Illusion Knitting Course Overview

Welcome to the  Yarn Academy Member’s New Course for January.  We are beginning the New Year with a fabulous knitting technique  Illustrious Illusion Knitting from Karen Moffett.  Karen is also known as Mama Dragon and has a wonderful design style driven by the mythical world.  The magic of Illusion knitting is so her thing!

This is a technique which is often used by provocateurs or the knitting rebels among us.

Fancy walking down the street emblazoned with swear words?

This is the method to use so you don’t get aggravation every few steps from outraged grandparents or offended parents.

Hide those raucous images among rows of knit and purls which looks like simple stripes, yet from an angle the most amazing images will appear.  OR ‘swears’ if that’s your thing.

Illusion knitting is a subtle technique that creates a hidden image within rows of narrow stripes. It has lots of “WOW!” factor, but is actually very simple to achieve, since it uses only knit and purl stitches.

This course, with new content released every Tuesday and Thursday, will guide you through the basics including:

  • choosing appropriate yarn colors, textures, and fibers;
  • chart reading (a necessary skill for many illusion knit patterns);
  • swatching for ideal fabric density,
  • and some of the best selvedge edges, cast-ons, and bind-offs for your beautiful creation.



Note:  The Dark Mark Scarf is designed by Lindsay Henricks. Dark Mark Scarf Pattern

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