Instagram Growth Update

Hi All,

I promised I would update you with the results of the changes I’ve been making to my instagram account.

Having historically made VERY slow growth and having hit a plateau of around 1000, for six months I decided it was time to take action.

Starting the first week in January I implemented the following strategies

1:  Standard Filter

Hudson, this smooths out tonal differences in  my images for a more consistent look and feel to the feed.

2: Standard posting schedule

Twice per day a blog style information post and an inspirational graphic.  There is a standard layout for the blog post images with branded colours

3: Include my Logo on ALL images

When re-shared by others or by myself via Pinterest everything has a consistent element to tie it together

4: Use of varied hash tags

I have a selection of hastags for differeny types of post, themed for crochet, colour, knitting, spinning, dying, business and creatives.  The Preview app has been invaluable for this as I prep my comments in advance.

5: Following others in my CUSTOMER base

I spend a short while locating potential customers and following their feeds.  I will not be unfollowing them, however I will only follow those who are my customer base.  No Real Estate agents from LA or Las Vegas – sorry guys!


After 6 month of no growth, even with an improved photo style and lighting etc and other random and unplaned changes there has finally been progress. These 5 changes have resulted in an over 10% growth in less than 2 weeks.

I have gained over 170 followers in 2 weeks!

These are meaningful folks who have stuck around,  not the jerks who follow and then unfollowed me.

I will continue to experiment and report back on the success of different strategies from my list of 21 Instagram Growth Hacks.

About the Author

The Founder of Yarn Academy Babs is all about inspiring others to find their creative juices. Babs finds it exhilarating to learn as many new techniques and skills as humanly possible and explore the entire world of yarn. Babs is always looking for the win win solution to any situation so we can all grow together in the wonderful world of fibre and colour.

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