Instagram PODS

Instagram PODS are an excellent way to make good friends in your niche. 

A fabulous way to find new accounts, new fiber artists and boost your Instagram profiles together.

I have recently begun curating a series of Instagram Pods for my fellow crafters.  Anyone with an Instagram account is always, or at least should always, be looking for more interaction, organic comments and likes.

Not the naff robot generated ones but those from real, living human beings.

An excellent way to achieve this is for a group of like minded folk to gather together in a group or ‘pod’ on Instagram to support each other.  Showing love, a thoughtful comment or two, gaining inspiration and meeting new friends is a wonderful by product of the pod culture.

What you see is controlled by the Algorithm Instagram uses to decide for you what is of most interest. The algorithm is a set of complex rules Instagram uses to decide on how relevant a post is. PODS are a way of boosting your visibility by following these unwritten rules.

How does Instagram’s algorithm work? 

Instead of seeing posts in reverse-chronological order, posts are displayed based on what Instagram believes is relevant and popular to each user.

According to Instagram, the relevancy of a post is determined by the following characteristics:

  1. The likelihood the user is interested in the content
  2. The relationship the user has with the person posting
  3. The timeliness of the post

The popularity of a post is determined based on engagement. 

Engagement refers to the number of likes, comments, shares, and views a picture or video receives. The higher and faster the engagement, the more likely a post will be posted to Instagram’s Explore Page. 

The Explore Page is unique to each user based on similar posts they’ve liked and accounts they follow.

Therefore, if your post makes it to the Explore Page, it will be seen by a larger number of users who are interested in your posts and will (hopefully) follow your Instagram account.

How does the algorithm affect Instagram users? 

The new algorithm is all about the user.

If your neighbor adopts a new puppy or there is a local event in your town, you’ll be sure to see it on your Instagram feed.

How does the algorithm affect businesses on Instagram? 

With over 700 million users, it’s harder than ever to have your business account noticed by the Instagram community.

If you’re Pepsi or Taylor Swift, you’ll be just fine because Instagram knows the community loves their accounts already.

This is where Instagram Pods come into play. These Pods are designed to help businesses or brands beat the algorithm by increasing engagement and followers.

Read on to find out how Instagram Pods function.

Yarn Academy curates a selection of Instagram PODS, specifically for its members, which have already seen a boost in interaction and visibility for those taking part.

Members of Yarn Academy have access to these  specially curated social groups, if you want to join us check out the details here.

Only one simple rule to follow, when you post let the others in your pod know with a comment “Posted”, then when others post you can check out the image and comment/like as you see fit, within 24hrs.  Remind yourself and show others you have done this using the little heart icon so you don’t loose track of where you are.

Some Tips for Successful Comments when using Instagram

  • Tag someone in the comment, it makes for a friendly personal touch
  • Use more than 4 words to be recognised by the Instagram routines to boost visibility for your pod mates
  • Make sure you are posting something relevant to the original post, a tailored comment is always lovely to receive
  • Please avoid stock phrases such as “Love it!, “Want one” or “Pretty”

The most important thing to remember when creating or joining a pod is that you should go into the experience for the right reasons.

Please don’t just join a pod to see your comment number increase.  This is short-sighted and eventually will leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Remember that engagement groups like pods offer a unique opportunity to connect with others, build community, and cheer on other creative entrepreneurs in your daily life. Enter into your pod with a desire to invest in others and strive to always be the most supportive member of  your group.

As always the Rising Tide Lifts all Boats!

Babs x

About the Author

The Founder of Yarn Academy Babs is all about inspiring others to find their creative juices. Babs finds it exhilarating to learn as many new techniques and skills as humanly possible and explore the entire world of yarn. Babs is always looking for the win win solution to any situation so we can all grow together in the wonderful world of fibre and colour.

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