Why We Delay – Blame Your Instant Gratification Monkey

One of the main issues I see members of the yarn community frequently struggle with is keeping their momentum going.

A deadline is looming ….

but…. you cant make a start.

The lure of the pretty new yarn is super strong and pulls you away from your latest blog post, or editing the newsletter, or one of many other more ‘boring tasks’ which you need to complete to grow your business.

Whats happening is that your inner “Instant Gratification Monkey” is gaining the upper hand.

Isn’t he/she a cute li’l monkey?

When this first begins to happen it’s all fun and games – literally.  That’s what the instant gratification part of your monkey is all about. There is a slippery slope which you can slide down without even realising it.

We all suffer from this! Me included.

All that ‘other stuff’ is so very boring and blah… why do you need to do that now?” Says your monkey

“I have an idea….. Let’s research yarn on instagram…. or new pattern stitches…. or hey how about setting up a pinterest board!”

Hours have passed and you’re nowhere further forward with your new test, blog post, or newsletter.

Your inner monkey is having a wonderful time – all they care about is the here and now, and how much FUN you can have.  The ‘other’ stuff just doesn’t seem important RIGHT NOW does it?

So long as we let our monkeys rule the roost we will get no-where FAST!

It’s so easy to give into the monkey that we are in grave danger of reaching a dark place in our business and lives really quickly.  Slipping into bad habits that roll on until we’ve hit a deadline we cannot meet no matter how many hours we stay awake trying to do so.

You need to grab hold of your monkey before he/she becomes something the size of King Kong and far harder to deal with. Procrastination on this level is not fun to get past.

There are several ways to manage your time, keep your monkey satisfied and ‘under control’ without letting him/her grow to the size of a small building.

I’ll be covering my top ways to manage your monkey over the coming weeks. As you know, I’m a major believer in bringing order from chaos and boy does a monkey running free cause chaos!

The TED Talks video below by Tim Urban shows how a procrastinator’s mind works.  I particularly enjoyed the MRI imaging to highlight the differences between a ‘normal’ brain and a ‘procrastinator’s’ brain.


Let me know your thoughts and how wildly you allow your monkey to play.

As always, attempting to bring order to chaos 😉


About the Author

The Founder of Yarn Academy Babs is all about inspiring others to find their creative juices. Babs finds it exhilarating to learn as many new techniques and skills as humanly possible and explore the entire world of yarn. Babs is always looking for the win win solution to any situation so we can all grow together in the wonderful world of fibre and colour.

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