Facebook Visibility ~ Lesson 4: Video

Do you know the fastest way to develop Know, Like, and Trust?




What IS Know, Like, and Trust?

Know, Like, and Trust is like Marketing 101.

If you want people to feel safe and secure making a purchase from you it’s where you need to focus most of your energy.

Just imagine….

You take the train to work and see a billboard for a plumber every day during your commute.

After awhile you kind of tune it out.



You start using it as a landmark to figure out how much more sleep you can get in before you reach your stop.

Six months later…

A pipe suddenly bursts and you’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Since it’s not 1998 and there’s no Yellow Pages you run into the comforting arms of the internet.

Yelp’s your best friend, right?

You do a search for plumbers in the area and see the guy from the billboard. Seems like he has pretty decent reviews.


He can afford a billboard!

You see a few other plumbers there, but for some WEIRD reason you feel like this one plumber is a good choice – and it’s not just the reviews.

Sure, those are reassuring, but there’s something there you can’t quite put your finger on.

What happened is…

On a subconscious level you see the name over, and over, and over again.

That constant exposure causes you to feel like you KNOW them.

You see the reviews on Yelp (or testimonials, posts, writing, art, videos in most of our cases).

This causes us to LIKE and TRUST them because other people seem like and trust them as well.

So, if you’re visible and consistent (PLUS you have quality content) people will be naturally be attracted to you.

They’re seeing you showing up again and Again and AGAIN providing value.

When video’s involved, they see your face, your eyes, and your smile.

They feel like you’re a person they WANT to get to know.


If you’re not doing video now I have to ask you “Why, the heck not?”

And if your excuse is that you don’t have the right camera or software.


I’ve got news for you, because you don’t need a fancy DSLR or expensive software to make great video.

All you need is a mobile phone to get started!

If you want to start getting video on Facebook you have two alternatives:

Live streaming and uploading edited videos

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the EASIEST way to get started. Hands DOWN.

Level 1

You seriously only need:

  1. Mobile phone/tablet
  2. Facebook app installed on your device
  3. A stable internet connection
  4. Good lighting (facing a window on a sunny day and holding the phone between you and the window works GREAT for free lighting)
  5. Option items to take it up a notch
    1. Selfie Stick (if you want versatility and stability)
    2. Headphones with built-in microphone (for better sound)

Level 2

This is a TINY bit more complicated, but after a bit of practice it’s REALLY easy.

Level 2 is great for when you want to do interviews, include graphics, overlays or music.

It’s perfect for when you want to do a slideshow presentation, show a video (within a live video – “Inception” style), or just have a slightly more professionally branded presentation than holding your phone.

For this you’ll need:

  1. A desktop or laptop
  2. A webcam
  3. Headphones with a mic
  4. A streaming software package

Uploading Edited Videos

Now you’re getting into the realm of what people do for platforms like Youtube.

You can make it extra fancy with cool titles, extra footage (B-roll), special effects, etc.

This is actually a big enough topic that it requires it’s OWN course, so….

The info HERE is what you’ll need for what’s called a simple “Talking Head” video.

You know, just you, sitting or standing in one spot, speaking directly to the camera.

For these types of videos you’ll need

  1. Mobile phone, tablet, or DSLR camera
  2. Microphone
  3. Editing software

PRO TIP: Something you really want to get into the habit of doing is live streaming or posting edited videos directly to your Business Page and SHARING them to your personal page or groups.

Stephanie Berchiolly

This is going to give you metrics (numbers) to measure your success and help you figure out where you want to go from there.

You can’t build a great structure without having a solid foundation!

And in this case, that foundation is METRICS.


Having these numbers allows you to make educated decisions when you’re setting goals.

You can set amazing, sky-high goals!


If you don’t know where you are RIGHT NOW you’re going to waste a LOT of time and effort trying to obtain those goals.

Most of your decisions would be based on guesses/guesstimates.

This means the potential for a LOT of unnecessary failures.


If you want to get into Facebook Ads at some point you’re going to be REALLY happy you have this information stockpiled to help make your ads more targeted and successful.


Turn on that mobile phone or tablet and do your first Facebook Live!

If you need more specific information about hardware, software, or other equipment recommendations in the tier you’re most comfortable with you should dig into that workbook!

It has a checklist of the three tiers with direct links to products I’ve used, recommend, or have great reviews on amazon. (I didn’t see the tripod I use on there so I found one I’ve heard from reputable sources is good quality at a decent price point.)

Again, the checklist shows examples of software and equipment at each tier:

  1. Video recording equipment
  2. Lighting
  3. Audio
  4. Recording and Editing software
  5. Microphones

If this is your very first Facebook Live I KNOW how scary it can be.


Trust me it’s SOOOOO worth it!

Heck, the Facebook algorithm gives video the highest reach of ANYTHING else (text, audio, images, etc)!

About the Author

Stephanie Berchiolly, owner of Career Makeover Academy (CMA), educates exasperated, unfulfilled, and struggling employees, as well as business owners, on ways to create actionable plans to create professional AND personal success. Her education in Management Information Systems (MIS) - studying the intricate interactions of people, technology, and organizations - allows her to take complex concepts and distill them into bite-sized, understandable chunks. She’s worked at companies such as: AT&T, Motorola, United Airlines, Kraft Foods, Sears, and ADP. Let Stephanie show YOU the first step in how to escape your soul-sucking job & find - or create - the career of your dreams with The Passion Project. A free worksheet that helps you re-discover the things you’re most passionate about so you can include more of it in your life!