Facebook Visibility ~ Final Words

As a final note I just want to remind you that consistency and authenticity are key!

So, once you start using these methods Don’t Stop!


Though, it may not be feasible to post to your personal profile three times a day AND spend an hour a day seven days a week posting in groups AND doing five Facebook lives a week…

If you can do EACH one of these things on a regular basis you’re going to inspire that Know, Like, and Trust that builds a rabid group of fans who’d follow you to the ends of the earth and back again.

Keep up the great work!

PRO TIP Once you start getting more and more engagement on a regular basis start hiding posts with less than 10 comments from Timeline. This makes it so that when people come to your page and see everything has comments and reactions they want to join in! It’s all about perception management. Don’t worry if you have a few duds.

Stephanie Berchiolly

I’m so proud of you and we’re all rooting for your success!

If you’ve completed all these steps and still aren’t seeing any results please go back to Lesson 1 and take a look at your feed.


See which posts are getting the MOST reactions and then try to use them as a template for creating your next few posts.


Sometimes it can be a bit discouraging because the Facebook algorithm isn’t really nice to us when we go from posting once in a blue moon to trying to build up our engagement.

But rest assured because you WILL crack that code eventually if you replicate the posts that are getting great reactions and comments.




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