Makers May Challenge

The #makersmay Instagram challenge by @LoveKnitting.Com and @LoveCrochet.Com starts tomorrow, and we encourage you to play along!

Participating in Instagram “post every day” style challenges can be a real boon for your business, for a number of reasons:

1:  Reach

By using the hashtag for the challenge, you will be seen by a huge number of people who may not otherwise have seen your posts. It’s a great way to really expand your follower base.

2: Visibility

With Instagram’s algorithms constantly changing, you never know how often even the people who follow you see your posts. By participating in a challenge, you increase your chances of being seen by those who already follow you.

3: Consistency

It’s good business sense to get into the habit of posting frequently, but sometimes it’s hard to think of something to post. Challenges like this have a unique and interesting theme to post about each day, so it’s a great way to establish that habit.

4: Recognition

If your posts on Instagram are in a certain style, with certain filters, and/or include your business logo, challenges can give you a huge boost in recognition. Every time one of your graphics shows up in a follower’s feed, your brand will become more and more recognizable.

5: Fun!

It’s fun to participate with a ton of like-minded fiber artists! It strengthens our sense of community, and reminds us that we’re not alone in this pursuit of making our love for fiber arts into a business.

Come play along with us!


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