My Top 6 Apps to Make your Instalife Easier

Here I’m sharing the apps I have found particularly useful in boosting engagement for my Instagram account.  It’s still a fairly new account and I’m feeling my way so if you have any favourite apps please share them in the comments below.

I’m not a marketing genius and photography has never been my strong point, yet I’m increasingly able to create a more cohesive collection of images for my Instagram feed.  You can check out my improved version at

The images I’m now able to create and the business focus is dramatically improved from my early attempts.

A large part of this improvement can be attributed to the following apps which I use on a regular basis to assist in the construction of my Instagram feed.


Canva – an amazing FREE resource to create stunning graphic for your feed.  Quotes, inspiration, and message sharing while staying on brand is so much easier with a host of base layouts already designed, and sized, for your Instagram feed.  This app is also available as a website, shown below, allowing you to work on the go or at your home office.


Preview – another free, with premium options available, app.  While Instagram will not allow automated posting this handy app will allow you to pre fill all the post details, including a really handy hash tag library and then schedule a reminder on your phone to post.  You then simply share with Instagram and paste in your prepared copy and hash tags.  It’s been amazing!  The suggested hash tags have also been an eye opener and have resulted in a significant growth to my followers.


Grids – ever wondered if there was a simple way to generate those 9 block super images?  I did and Grids was the answer.  Again a free app with some premium options.  The free formats have been great for me so far.  The specific image is broken down into 9 smaller ones and ordered for you to upload without making a hash of the whole process.  Plus it doesn’t take up storage space in your images directory.


Repost – this is the app I use to re-share content citing the originator from instagram.  Grab a link and share with full accreditation of the original poster.  There is an option to repost or share using Preview and it comes at a cost, repost if free 😉


Likemeter– a fun sounding app which can generate some really useful stats.  It shows your likes and most active followers for the previous month or more.  Find out which posts generate interaction and then do more of the same type of thing!


Linktree – whilst not actually an app this nifty website allows you to add multiple links to your Instagram profile without having to code your own landing page.

I will be creating tutorials for each of these handy apps, please let me know in the comments if there is one in particular you want to see first. Otherwise it will be completely random 😉

I hope these help and if you have any other suggestions drop them into the comments below.

Bye for now,

Babs x






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