Niche Down Interview: Michelle White

This week I’m talking a LOT about how finding your niche will help your yarn business grow.


I’m really excited to bring you the first of three interviews with Yarn People who have already identified their niche, how they came to this point and what they are moving on to next.

Welcome Michelle tell us a little more about yourself, your business and how you found your niche.

1)  What is your business name and website?

Dora Does –

2)  What is your core niche?

I design crochet patterns for contemporary homeware and practical, modern garments and accessories which you are proud to wear. All with an added hint of whimsy.

My aim is to dispel the fear that only advanced crocheters can make their own wardrobe.

Crochet wearables are for everyone!

3)  How did you choose this specific niche?

For me it has developed over the past year through necessary trial and error. When I started designing I tried all sorts of projects but always got the most joy out of the items I could actually use or display in my home.  I don’t have children and amigurumi drive me to distraction so those areas were never really in question. I loved the satisfaction of being able to make and wear my own garments and felt really strongly that there were others like me out there.


4)  How do you see your products benefiting your chosen audience?

For me it’s about building crocheters confidence.  I blog a lot about personal development, mindfulness and wellbeing so to be able to help someone to crochet their first garment, for them to know they CAN do it is a huge buzz!


5)  How are you standing out and leveraging your niche in your approach to promotion?

I’m still working this one out but I guess the key is consistency across platforms. If I suddenly dropped a kids toy to or an intricate lace pattern into my collection it would confuse people. I offer a mix of free and paid patterns – generally my accessories and more crafty projects are free and any graded garments are paid for.  I want people to get to know my writing style with a free pattern, then they can decide if they trust me to walk them through garment making.

As for socials, I hang out mostly on instagram – which I love for the community feel. I’m in some facebook groups – but mainly business ones (like this one!) which are so great for feedback, help and support.  I’m still working out which crochet ones are a good fit (not to mention fathoming all the rules!) and it’s an area I want to focus on more next year as I have an idea for starting a group which I want to explore.

My focus this year has really been Pinterest and making sure there is consistency in the way my pins are displayed to help develop a brand identity.  I use tailwind for my scheduling (I have an affiliate link if anyone wants to give it a go) which saves me hours of repininning and has the amazing tribes function. Pinterest accounts for around 50% of my blog traffic and I think it’s something a lot of people neglect because they don’t “get it”.  I was that person at the beginning of the year and have spent a lot of time learning to understand and leverage the platform. It’s a long game but has been worth the investment!


6)  Do you have any key phrases which play to your niche?

I love The William Morris quote “have nothing in your houses that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. It’s on my home page and is a bit of a litmus test to check I’m on the right track with my designs!


7)  How long have you been marketing to this specific section of your audience?

I’ve only been blogging and publishing my designs since July 2017 and think it has only really been in the last 6 months I’ve started to understand who the people are that I’m trying to reach and what I have to say. It’s an ever evolving process I think. Hopefully as I grow, my fledgling audience will come with me!


8) What are your social media profiles so we can link and share



Instagram (@doraexplored):

Twitter (@doraexplored):






Blog (Doralosophy)

Pattern Directory:


You can watch a Facebook Live video about niches here.

Have you identified your niche? Share it with us in the comments!

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