What Are Off Diary Stories For PR?

When planning your media interactions its really easy to find and use regularly scheduled events, TV movie releases etc.  However there is a lot of competition for the Press’ attention around these topics, as everyone else can plan around them too.  Keep an eye on our Media Diary for suitable dates/events that would work for you.

However its much easier to get attention when you can stay alert to big topics in our industry. The unexpected happenings, the dumb comment from a celeb or the surprising interview where a Movie star takes their knitting along etc.

Drop an email to your local paper, or a national if you’re feeling bold, asking if they would be interested in your opinion on whatever the relevant topic of the day may be.  Let them know you have become involved in the cause celebre and offer to discuss how and why you took up the torch and what impact you are making.

A fabulous example is the recent Tits Out Collective organised by Countess Ablaze as a response to a specific colourway being copied.

This collective endeavor has become huge with over 250 yarn entrepreneurs taking part, myself included.


As a way to boost my profile in under 10 days I have:

  • contacted the Countess – need to be on board officially!
  • created a new pattern specifically for the launch
  • found a collaboration partner
  • created a kit agreement to pair both yarn and pattern for upcoming yarn in person events (I’ll be supplying single use download codes for inclusion with the yarn kits)
  • photo session
  • daily instagram updates, WIPS, yarn images
  • joined into the discussions prompted by the copying and requests for freebies
  • started my own discussions around these topics within the community
  • recorded and published 4 podcasts specifically discussing the Tits Out Collective, check out the sidebar for the latest episodes of the podcast, with 4 different guest crochet and knit designers and dyers
  • promoted the podcast series for Tits Out Collective on Pinterest, instagram and facebook
  • invited the interviewees to cross promote where possible
  • submitted the finished pattern photo to the Countess for inclusion in the promo gallery prior to the launch.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for sure, however the payoff should be excellent.  I have already created more solid relationships with people I admire in the industry, have shown I care, have demonstrated I’m willing to get involved and created some new products and packages which can be re-modelled for future joint ventures.

The best part is I get the breathe life back into an older design and give to charity in the process.

Keep watching the news feeds to find a topic which is relevant to you, your experience and your audience.


Until then,


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