Open Submission Calls ~ 25 Nov

​Getting your design into a magazine is not Impossible - so GO FOR IT and make a submission this month.

Good luck to everyone!

Submission Calls: 25 Nov 2018

Click on the Publication titles to open a summary of the submission call; the buttons link through to the Ravelry posts for full details.

Knotions - Spring and Summer 2019 (Dec 1 and later dates)

Knitcrate - Winter 2019 (Dec 1)

Your Crochet & Knitting Magazine ~ Issue 8: Spring (Dec 4)

Interweave Crochet ~ Fall 2019 (Dec 11)

I Like Crochet ~ June 2019 (Dec 15)

I Like Knitting ~ June 2019 (Dec 15)

Interweave Knits Gifts 2019 ~ Sept 2019 (Dec 19)

Yurika New Pattern Sales Site (Open Deadline)

Sweet Paprika Designs - Yarn Support (Ongoing)

Knitcircus Yarns ~ Yarn Support Program (Ongoing)

Let's get your inspiration flowing and raise your visibility.  

We challenge you to submit to one publication a month!

Remember: Rejections don't kill you, they certainly haven't killed me. Plus, you will have a new design ready to self publish.

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