Picot Stitch

UK Terms
3 dc
slip stitch into original st of the ch 3

That’s it! Its really a very simple technique.

US Terms
3 sc
slip stitch into original st of the ch 3

Terms Used
dc double crochet
sc single crochet
ch chain


You are welcome to reference this tutorial in your own knitting patterns. As a form of cross promotion I share patterns in my newsletters for both Yarn Academy and Yarn Jugglers, reaching both designers and hobbyists, when you send me details of your patterns featuring Yarn Academy tutorials.


Do you have a stitch for an upcoming pattern you want to demonstrate but don’t have time?

I’m scheduling my recordings and will be including a series of How To videos for both knitting and crochet. These will be free to reference, in return for a credit within the pattern.

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