Mythical Makers Episode 4: Lifelines and Stitch Markers

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I have no clue what a lifeline is, so Karen explains these lifesavers for me, when and how to use them.

We also discuss how and when to use Stitch Markers, and how insanely, addictively collectible these pretty, shiny beauties can become!


What’s on Our Needles?

Karen is continuing to knit her Dragon Lace Scarf.


Babs is knitting a Number 52 Sock.


Links mentioned in the episode

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Dragon Lace Scarf by Karen Moffett

Can Your Read Your Knitting? Quiz

Interchangeable Circular Needles with lifeline ‘holes’

Three ways to insert a lifeline

Stitch Markers from Fiery Phoenix

Stitch Marker Bracelets

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Babs    &  Karen 


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