Should I Offer Free Postage, Include it in the Price or as Separate Fee?

This time around our question can from Yarn Academy facebook group from Beth Higgins.

Should I include the cost of postage in the price of my items?

This is a toughie  as there are so many different questions you need to answer before you can make a decision.  This will definitely be a choice that needs to fit YOUR business model  which won’t be the same as mine, or the next person along.

You can watch the livestream below and I’m also summarising with a list of questions for you to consider when making this decision.

Questions for You to Answer about Postage

  1. Where will you be shipping to?  World wide, within your continent/country or simply you local area should be considered.  You can read more here>>>
  2. How much does your packaging/inserts cost? Your Packaging Materials have a cost in addition to your shipping. That’s why it’s referred to as post and packaging.  Don’t let this cost be forgotten.  You can read more about packaging options  here>>>
  3. Which Shipping Service will you offer?  Multiple delivery timescales, different couriers, Tracked vs signed for, cheap and chearful (not my preferred option)  You can read more here>>>
  4. What are the size and weights of possible combinations?  The more complex your product line the more this should be considered before you take a decision. You can read more here>>>
  5. Do you have a physical product or would a digital download work for you? You can read more here >>>

Finally a quick reminder!

You cannot offer a Free Shipping sale if you have never charged for shipping.

Its a quick win and draws sales really well if you offer a 48 hr flash sale with free shipping, although consider how much this could cost you before offering.  Posting out blankets to the other side of the planet with free shipping could be a huge mistake!

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