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Facebook Visibility: Final Words

As a final note I just want to remind you that consistency and authenticity are key! So, once you start using these methods Don’t Stop!   Though, it may not be feasible to post to your personal profile three times a day AND spend an hour a day seven days a week posting in groups […]

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Boost Your Productivity with an Accountability Partner

We all walk through life alone… This is an often heard phrase said by those who are trying to inspire people to action. For me this is the worse thing to say. Struggling against the world is demoralising, being forever along is scary and can cripple both my motivation and creativity. For me working with […]

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Instagram PODS

Instagram PODS are an excellent way to make good friends in your niche.  A fabulous way to find new accounts, new fiber artists and boost your Instagram profiles together. I have recently begun curating a series of Instagram Pods for my fellow crafters.  Anyone with an Instagram account is always, or at least should always, […]

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