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Joint Ventures in Yarn

There are several ways we can collaborate with other designers, dyers, LYS’s and magazines. From kit production, to regular pattern submissions to independent custom work. Each will have some of their own implications and all should include a level of traded value (whether in skills, produced items or training). Its much easier to keep track […]

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Why We Delay – Blame Your Instant Gratification Monkey

One of the main issues I see members of the yarn community frequently struggle with is keeping their momentum going. A deadline is looming …. but…. you cant make a start. The lure of the pretty new yarn is super strong and pulls you away from your latest blog post, or editing the newsletter, or […]

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Should I Offer Free Postage, Include it in the Price or as Separate Fee?

This time around our question can from Yarn Academy facebook group from Beth Higgins. Should I include the cost of postage in the price of my items? This is a toughie¬† as there are so many different questions you need to answer before you can make a decision.¬† This will definitely be a choice that […]

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