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iMovie: Adding Gridlines to iPhone and iPad

The next in our video series for the iMovie app, how to add gridlines to your camera in iPhone and iPad. Let me know if you have anything you want me to cover in this series, by dropping a comment below. Enjoy! Babs    The series will include: Creating your first video Adding clips Picture in […]

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iMovie: Create Your First Project

The second tutorial in this series walking you through how to create that first daunting project.  Hint, its much easier than you think 😉 Learn to: Re order shots resizing video clips rotating video clips extending the duration of your end card to fit perfectly for YouTube end settings Let me know if you have […]

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Facebook Visibility: Lesson 4 – Video

Do you know the fastest way to develop Know, Like, and Trust? Video!     What IS Know, Like, and Trust? Know, Like, and Trust is like Marketing 101. If you want people to feel safe and secure making a purchase from you it’s where you need to focus most of your energy. Just imagine…. […]

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